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The Rogue River Greenway Foundation is dedicated to the development of a multi-modal trail to promote safe, alternative non-motorized modes of transportation for children, adults, and seniors whether residents or visitors.  In addition to providing educational opportunities about our natural resources, healthy alternatives for outdoor recreation and stimulus for local economies and improve the quality of life for Southern Oregon residents and visitors alike.

Our vision is to create an emerald necklace of parks linked by pedestrian, bicycle and water trails and providing accessible areas to the Rogue River for recreation.  This includes connectivity between Grants Pass and Central Point including the Rogue River and Gold Hill Communities providing a link to the Bear Creek Greenway.

Our Goals include but are not limited to:

  • Staged Plan development
  • Establishing partnerships & support
  • Identifying impediments & solutions
  • Inclusion of County & State entities as required
  • Mapping as needed
  • Public outreach & feedback via displays, publications & web site
  • Interaction and collaboration with neighboring City trail projects
  • Historical background
  • Grant applications and administration for planning
  • Implementation and maintenance of trails and parks

Our Objective Is To Provide:

  • A safer environment for walking, bicycling and recreation. Improved accessibility to the Rogue River via parks and public access areas.
  • Promotion of alternative modes of transportation.
  • Stimuli for economic support & development of local businesses.
  • Enhancement of our Community for Residents and Visitors.
  • Family & individual opportunities for healthy outdoor exercise.
  • Enjoyment of and accessibility to our natural resources for walking, running, biking, fishing, white water rafting, equestrian opportunities and bird-watching.
  • Environmental & Historical Educational benefits through identifying notable historic areas, wildlife habitat, native flora and fauna.

What is the Core Team

The Core Team is comprised of representatives from the Greenway Foundation, Rogue Valley Council of Governments, Oregon State Parks, Josephine County, Jackson County, and the Oregon Dept. Of Transportation.

The purpose of the Core Team: to review, identify and help resolve challenges related to development of the Rogue River Greenway project, including road rights of way, land use issues, inter-agency cooperation, fundraising, communication and more.