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The following is an update on what has been accomplished to date starting from the Grants Pass end moving toward Central Point and the Bear Creek Greenway Connection at Dean Creek Road:

1: In Grants Pass at Tom Pearce Park, a group of dedicated greenway supporters worked with Josephine County Parks and secured an OPRD Recreational Trails grant for approx. $156,000.00 to build the greenway through the park towards the City of Rogue River. Work is now complete and the trail is in!  Nice job and congratulations to those dedicated volunteers and to Jo County Parks for making it all happen.

2: The greenway trailhead at the Depot Street Bridge in Rogue River was opened officially in September 2007 but only the trail itself was built. The drinking fountain, pet station, signs, irrigation and landscaping of the first trailhead is now complete thanks to grants from State Farm Insurance, The Four Way Foundation, Pacific Power and Light and Clorox Greenworks as well as the generous donations from the community and the City of Rogue River.  A big thank you to all who volunteered on October 3rd to help us plant over 1000 plants.
– see photo album for more details

3: As many of you are aware 1 mile of paved trail has been completed from Wards Creek into Valley of the Rogue State Park. This section is heavily used and enjoyed by all ages.  The final 2.5 miles to complete the trail from the Depot Street Bridge Trailhead through the park to Twin Bridges in underway!  The trail has been carved out and rocked and is expected to be paved and completed by the first week of June 2011.  See Photo Gallery.

Additionally this project includes the crossing at Wards Creek (a challenging piece) and resurfacing of the existing 1 mile of paved trail.  This will connect the Trailhead at the Depot Street Bridge, the 1 mile of existing paved trail on the west end through to the completed Greenway trail at Twin Bridges Road and the VOR Boat Launch.  It is a combined total of 3.5 miles of completed Greenway along the Rogue River to enjoy.

Thanks to State Parks for their efforts to secure an ODOT TE Grant for $986,000.00 and for their willingness to secure the match funds. This piece has been a long time coming and we are all very excited to see it completed.  A big thank you to Andre Briggs, Mg. at Valley of the Rogue State Park and Superintendent for OPRD SW Area and to the City of Rogue River – their support turned this vision into reality.

4: ODOT has completed the section of Greenway trail leaving Valley of the Rogue State Park by the boat launch area going under I-5 on Twin Bridges Road. Islands have also been added by the freeway off ramp and stop signs are in the works for the bike/ped crossings both at the boat launch and at the freeway off ramp intersection.  As a part of the project listed under #3 in this list, the trail under I-5 on Twin Bridges Road will be extended from the new bike/ped crossing up to North River Road.  Scheduled to be completed by first week of June 2011.  Thanks to OPRD and ODOT Bikeways for the grant funds to make this possible.

5: $375,000 has been secured from an ODOT Bikeways Grant for a section of Greenway trail within the Jackson County road right of way along North River Road between the Silica Mine and Del Rio Vineyards/Rock Pt. Bridge. We still need to raise additional funds to complete this section as current funding doesn’t cover it.  The County will be going out to bid for the first phase June/July 2011 with construction beggining August-October.  We are also  working with Jackson County on creating a separated trail along side North River Road from Twin Bridges Road at VOR State Park to the Silica Plant and connecting to the completed phase 1 piece.  Applicaiton is being made for a $446,000.00 grant for the engineering costs that should be submitted Spring 2011.  The RRG Foundation has raised the $46,000.00 match funds for this application.

6: The section of trail from Del Rio Vineyards, under Rock Point Bridge, down to and over Sardine Creek has been funded thanks to OPRD and the Rogue Valley Council of Governments successful efforts to secure an ODOT TE grant for approx. $1.5 million dollars to complete the project.   Engineering firm David Evans & Assoc. won the design bid and by August 2011 the preliminary design plan was completed. The project was completed in Jan 2015.

7: The Upper River Road paved area up to the second rail crossing has been reviewed and approved by Solutions Team II (a group made up of residents, recreational users, greenway, government and agencies) and their recommedations were submitted to the Jackson County Commissioners for review in January 2011.  For more detailed information contact Craig Harper at the Rogue Valley Council of Governments.

8: The Gold Ray Road area near Gold Ray Dam: A conceptual trail plan has been agreed to through the Solutions Team I process, and adopted by the Jackson County Commissioners.  All agree that the road should remain open.

9: At the corner of Gold Ray Road and Blackwell Road, Jackson County left the old vehicle bridge for greenway use when they built the new vehicle bridge.  We are working with Jackson County on the necessary improvements needed to make it safe and functional.  We are also working with PP&L at the turn from Blackwell onto Gold Ray Road.

10: Kirtland Road near Blackwell Road intersection. ODOT, Jackson County and the Greenway Foundation were the beneficiaries of an ODOT grant for $1.2 million dollars to build a bike/ped underpass under the new vehicle Hwy 140 Expressway.  Construction of the underpass and the paved trail and fencing are now complete and it looks awesome!  Hats off to ODOT District 8 for their hard work and support of the RRG project!   We are currently working on connecting the new underpass with the Blackwell Bridge.