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Greenway Progress

We are working on this 30 mile greenway project from all directions. Some work is happening in Grants Pass, some in Gold Hill and Rogue River and more in Central Point. Not all areas connect yet but we are working on it. We move ahead with what we can and are working through challenges in other areas. Our goal is to have an off roadways seperated trail where we can but since that is not always possible, there are parts that include widened shoulders/bikelanes on the roadway.

From our humble beginnings in 2004 we have raised over $6 million dollars in funds (grants, donations, in-kind). Twelve (12) miles of the thirty (30) is either completed, in the process of being built or the funding has been secured for development and it is in the planning stages. Note: This includes 2 miles of bike lanes through downtown Gold Hill that the City of Gold Hill completed.

There are a few items of concern we would like to address: we are doing no condemnation or “takings” of private property – we only deal with willing sellers or we will work to widen the shoulders and add bike lanes to the public roadway. It is not ideal but that is how it is in some locations when there is no alternative. If you have questions or concerns PLEASE pick up the phone or email us directly, we are happy to share with you what are doing.