Don Hendricks

Board Chair

Bike Shop Owner: Don's Bike Center
Retired: Bio-Medical Engineer

I have been a life long bicycle enthusiast, both on and off road. I still ride 3000 plus miles per
year. My wife Julia and I have participated in countless charity and group road events. I have
ridden every Ride the Rogue to date. Living in Grants Pass, I have a strong interest in seeing
a bike route uninterrupted from Grants Pass to Ashland. As a board member it has been
exciting as well as a privilege to experience the development of the system. I look forward to
the completion of the route in the near future

Lesley Orr

Board Member

Retired Manufacturing Engineer
Grants Pass & Josephine County Bikeways/Walkways Committee member

Ride the Rogue is such a great cycling event and it is currently the only fund raising method used by the Foundation. After riding in my second Ride the Rogue I knew I wanted to become part of the team of volunteers making this event successful and an experience to look forward to every year. The Foundation’s goal to see a pedestrian and cycling friendly path linking Grants Pass to Ashland will take time and work but it is so worthwhile.

Denise Fields


Shine the Light Foundation Chair
Business Owner: Bellybutton Bears & Homestead Store

“Not only is this a project to connect communities, but one that will connect and strengthen community members in an ongoing sustainable manner.”

Greg Callahan

Board Member

Retired Physical Therapist

As a health care provider, I am very aware of the benefits of an active and healthy life style. I am passionate about cycling. My wife is an avid hiker. I support the Rogue River Greenway because, as a bicycling and walking trail, it will showcase our beautiful Rogue River while providing a source of healthy recreation for people of all ages.

Laurie Nielsen

Board Member

Retired Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Master Gardener
Land Steward

The vision to connect the communities along the Rogue River with a path for foot, bike and other non-motorized, non-car travel is tremendous! This path is available for use by a diverse population and contributes to the health and well-being of our communities in so many ways. I’m pleased to volunteer my time to this endeavor.

Randy Mumma

Board Member

I have always been active in the communities I have lived in and active physically too. I became a member of the board so I can help to promote and facilitate the project of interconnecting the communities in the Rogue River Valley. If you have an interest in joining us, please don’t be shy and come and say hi. We would love to hear from you.